Season 2

Drop Pod #2: Jay Dot Rain - Just Like You / Frontline

July 14, 2022

Anchoring southern rap's newest generation is Jay Dot Rain. Coming on Tuesday is a 2 pack of songs that feel like an accurate representation of what his upcoming album has coming. We sat down with Jay Dot to tap in and previ…

Drop Pod #1: Lil' Pill - Jumpstart

July 12, 2022

Big Pod Energy. Hallway, Pill, and AJ speak on the eve of his launch and talk shop about literally as many hypotheticals as humanly possible.

Curator Call: #12 Austin Hurwitz

July 9, 2022

Venice Music Collective is working hard for musicians. Austin Hurwitz is a large part of Venice's success as his work as their Senior Vice President continues to show. We sat down with Austin to talk the past, present and fu…

CURATOR CALL #11: Will Toms

June 15, 2022

Will Toms is all of the above but first and foremost he's a creator. We admire this Philadelphia native's track record of creating spaces to help creatives harness their powers. As the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of …