May 7, 2022

Warner Music Partners With POAP

Warner Music Partners With POAP

Now going to a concert and proving that you were there is going to get so much easier. I remember going to shows with my older cousin and then trying to prove it to my friends. Now that memory is becoming an asset and a valuable one at that. Proofs of Attendance are going to become valuable, tradable, and most importantly one of the most undervalued ideas in Web3 to this point. Warner Music is betting big into this with their partnership with POAP

“The bridges that POAPs forge between our digital identities and our physical lives provide a tangible layer to our experiences and memories,”

-Oana Ruxandra, Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development, WMG.

This play is almost as predictable as you can get, concerts are valuable experiences both sentimentally and now financially. Going to a concert and now having the ability to prove it later is easier than maintaining that memorabilia over the years. The thought that my grandkids will now get to see that yes; I was that guy slumped by the speaker at the Playboi Carti Die Lit release party. The lesser spoke about benefit is that now I have a way to connect with everyone else who went to this party and maybe a group of parties. We can now create a digital community that any who was there can now socialize in. For artists this is a game changer. The ability to tap into large groups of people who also spent money with you? We've seen this very direct-to-consumer approach early on with Ryan Leslie pioneering this. That directly to your fans approach is something that always been there but now the the dialogue can happen much quicker and at scale.  

Warner Music Group is taking advantage of the luxuries of this technology and you should too.