May 1, 2022

Sunday Dinner with Hallway #2

Sunday Dinner with Hallway #2

When it comes to finding music it all started with my grandma's sunday lunches. After church my family would convene in one place for food and music. My grandfather who still plays at 96 can jam on just about anything with a string and often times a circle of people would join in once he started playing. These sunday's are on of my fondest and earliest moments around music and I wanted to recreate this digitally by starting a Sunday dinner that would allow me to share my music to any and everyone willing to pull up. If you show up and sign the GuestList I'll make sure you get a To-Go Platter in your wallet.   

Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon - Casual Abductions 

This is a POW Recordings release and it holds many great features but underneath of this is quality raps over some of the heaviest beats you'll hear all day. You just have to dig slightly below the soil to find these sonic truffles of delightment. Look past the features and you'll find exactly what you want and you want these raps.

Tanna Leone - Here We Go Again

I love when an artist gets a boost from a larger artist and pgLANG's co-sign of Tanna has shown and this particular song stood out to me the most out of this entire project. The switch up in here is stuff that I could see visually and during the live show going off crazy and thats the whole point. You want your live show to go absolutely crazy and memorable for everyone and this particular track will be that track for Tanna.

Houdini + NorthSideBenji - Repeat

I slalom through these potholes in the street like an olympic skier dodging trees when this song hit me like a spruce to the forehead. Houdini and NorthSide Benji slid on this beat effortlessly and I'm with every bit of it.

tuamie - leaving my mark on the earth

So Future dropped a full album and it was without a doubt something as toxic as expected but what you probably didn't understand was that this flip took the Ye/Future combination and fruit rolled-it-up into a nice afternoon treat for the kids. This tuamie flip is something that dips into familiarity like getting off the bus after school and watching afternoon cartoons. Just like the previous selections this jawn rides low to the ground with extremely smooth vibes. 

If you came through and signed the Guestlist Tonight, remember to check your wallet for that platter.

Here's the full tracklist of my work from this past week.