June 8, 2022

Saint Lyor - I Wish

Saint Lyor - I Wish

Lyor sits at the edge of a cliff where diving off of it feels the right thing to do. He turns back to us and then leaps arms completely straight. Piercing the water like a nurse sticking a vain, Lyor's splash is normally very minimal. Calm and collective, Lyor rises from the ocean floor as all the water is now in tiny droplets around us. Gravity holds the water droplets like a net all around us. The air is now thick and heavy to move in but Lyor gracefully moves with ease.

The normal splash from a dive was expected, this however was as unexpected as ever to us. The water droplets now are following Lyor as he moves increasingly faster towards us. A wave is now forming and all of his music is now embedded into the water as races towards our faces. Some ran from this frightening wave of sauce doing a b-line for our collective craniums but me? I stayed there. 

What happens next is for next time but just understand you too need to be early to the wave. 

Check out a visual of Lyor in his natural setting right before this jump. 

(Curated by Ghostflow)