May 11, 2022

Live Show Update: DC

Live Show Update: DC

We are bullish on Live Shows. Being from Maryland the amount of talent in the area has always been incredible to see live. I'd be doing myself a disservice by not mentioning if you are in the DC area then going to a Go-Go is paramount. Over the years the recording industries best (See. Rick Rubin) has tried to capture the essence of Go-Go music in different records and have always somehow fallen short. Baltimore and the surrounding areas have also brought forth some phenomenal acts.

Enter Matt Singer. Matt's expertise in booking live events in the DC area for the past few years is essential. His work at Songbyrd and with his own booking company amongst other ventures in the music world include booking upcoming acts such as MAVI and Van Buren Records. Matt being a curator on this side is a no-brainer and some of his recent findings are a clear indication of that. We've tapped in with Matt and have locked down The Pocket for 6/22 and need your curatorial ear to figure out who should perform. Listen and co-sign who you want to see from the folks below!

"The Pocket has been a strong supporter of independent artists and music in the DMV since day one and it's important to have these types of events in spaces that understand the culture Phlote is building" - Matt Singer

Matt curated a list of acts in the area that you should take a look at. 

Butch Dawson 




Chris Allen

Precious Jewel x ANEXIS.