May 3, 2022

First 5: lifeofclaude

First 5: lifeofclaude

First 5 is a look at the first 5 submissions from any account on and a snapshot look into someones taste that may be valid or may be us overthinking shit but here we are. 


Who: lifeofclaude

City: Bronx, NY

Co-Sign Count: 9

Most Curated Marketplace/Platform: Soundcloud Why Do you like Soundcloud: "better music discovery, more music to dig through"

Claude is the founder of KultureHub but also someone who is wildly dedicated to pushing writers to become more. His passion for elevating writers leaves Claude adjacent to some of the best music out. A jack of all trades Claude also was the Field Associate Producer for the reboot of YO! MTV Raps coming to Paramount Plus. All in all Claude's track record is growing and we're here to see where it goes.

Here are his First 5 for you to listen and co-sign if you feel compelled.


5. Tuki Carter - Daytrip

4. HUEY BRISS - Grace Park Legend (Norfside)


3. Mid-Nite - Vigilante


2. Championxiii - SWIPE


1. Malz Monday - Seet Deh!