May 1, 2022

Co-Sign Leaderboard (5.1.22)

Co-Sign Leaderboard (5.1.22)
Your reputation is everything. Regardless of what web you're on or what universe you exist in. Yet how do we determine reputation? You can't determine this by simply saying you are good for it, you have to prove it. Your reputation and taste is solidified in the co-sign from other reputable people. These co-signs not only matter but they sometimes can determine how far you get in any industry. Someone who has stayed ten toes down for a lengthy period of time create a track record of trust that before now was never galvanized. The immutable permanence of the blockchain and the value of a co-sign now combine. When you co-sign something, you tell us your taste by staking your reputation. The number of co-signs you collect over a period of time will give us a real value of what your bringing to Phlote. 
the game has started.
who can collect the most co-signs.
1. hallway - 31 (Federalsburg, MD)
2. odenztv - 15 (Greater Houston, TX)
3. ghostflow - 11 (Washington, DC)
4. anderjaska - 9 ( Lisbon, Portugal)
5. trish - 5 (Los Angeles, CA)
6. lifeofclaude - 5 (Bronx, NY)
7. singnasty - 4 ( Washington, DC)
8. mighty33 - 2 (Paris, France)
9. Jelly - 2 (City of the Internet
10. SIDNE - 1 (San Diego)