June 9, 2022

ANKHLEJOHN - The Four Knights EP

ANKHLEJOHN - The Four Knights EP

Slow winding vines cover what's left of the landscape after the Great Explosion of the Four Knights scorched our planet. We were one of many as ANKHLEJOHN settled underneath the very layers of our crust and waited until the opportune time to step forth. They say he's a rare ancient being that sits at the dawn of a planet and waits for all four of his Knights to come back to the center to let him know if the earth should restart or not. 

We had our chance. We blew it. Like my counterparts, I uploaded my conscience to a data center on my way to a more inhabitable world. We decentralized our conscience and are now on separate blockchains. I now can live my everyday life online while drones are reconstructing my physical being. When I finally get to feel the ground of our next planet, I'll be most gracious and much more climate-friendly. I'll try, at least.

Many of us are in fear that ANKHLEJOHN will come after us for escaping our "fate." We listen to the Four Knights Sound Archive, which was uploaded before he blew everything to dust, for more clues as to how and what his henchmen look for. 


ANKHLEJOHN - The Four Knights EP (Curated by Singnasty)