June 21, 2022

A DMV Drop

A DMV Drop

Today is a proud day for the team as we prepare to bring the Phlote Live Show to our home in DC. Phlote.xyz is identifying new talent daily, and in DC, SingNasty is proving to be a top-tier curator. His passion for live events has made his ear sharp and his eye for talent superb. Don't believe us, go peep the heat he's been dropping into the feed.

Once the artists are identified and cosigned by the community, our job is to find ways to amplify musicians in new and exciting ways. Shout out to SignNasty for securing a venue, revamping our run-of-show, and putting the pieces in place to make this event a go. We're excited to onboard three rising stars into Web3.  Each artist will be auctioning their genesis music NFTs during the event!

If you're in the DMV, come out and support these talented musicians live and celebrate their journey towards financial freedom.  FREE THE ARTISTS! 

We are down to the last few hours to cop. 

earthtoyourbrain - earth day (.1 ETH)

Chris Allen - God Complex (.1 ETH)

Scumlord + CauznDefx - Risk of Rain