May 11, 2022

5 & 5: Mark De Clive-Lowe

5 & 5: Mark De Clive-Lowe

Mark De Clive-Lowe's travels extend beyond the physical and now with a solid foothold in this new digital landscape we wanted to speak to this explorer. Mark's most recent endeavor, "The Mashibeats Remix Contest", is a step forward for the music community that was inevitable. We spoke to Mark about his travels and his most recent work.

Phlote: You've seen a lot as a musician, what excites you about your latest project?

MdCL: The Mashibeats Remix Contest is all about facilitating community, creation and bonus: a way to onboard producers into web3 who might not know where to start. We’re at an intersection of creativity and tech that we’ve never had before and that should be exciting for everyone.

P: Having toured in many countries, what is one area of the world that could benefit the most from crypto?

MdCL: Cuba and Angola both come to mind - but really, any country where the local currency can’t really compete on the global stage or where residents have restricted access to banking mechanisms that so many of us take forgranted. The decentralization, and democratization, of financial tools is so important.

P: The deeper you dive into these new technologies the more it may feel incredibly daunting for a person just starting out. Give us your most recent project in just a few sentences.

MdCL: Mashibeats Remix Contest is a mix of what you’d usually expect with a remix contest and some web3 whistle n bells. To start, you need to buy a Studio Pass NFT to access the contest - priced at US$7 to make it as accessible as possible to anyone who really wants to participate. That NFT unlocks access to the contest - to the stems files and to upload your finished remix. Community voting - a standard web3 practice - determines the winners, and amongst other prizes, you can have your remix minted as an NFT on Catalog - a 1/1 music NFT marketplace that really isn’t easy to have access to. Tying our curatorial partnership with them into this contest means we can fully onboard someone into web3 in a comprehensive way.

P: What is the full ambition of the Mark de Clive-Lowe brand at this point in your career? What goals have you set recently that differed from previous goals?
MdCL: There’s two entities - myself, Mark de Clive-Lowe the artist and producer, and then Mashibeats - the DAO-in-the-making community which I founded. For me the artist, I continue to aspire to make the truest music to my person and experience that I can, in my own voice/sound. Commercial music considerations have never entered the equation for me and I’ve evolved musically through my career free of commercial expectations or pressures. With Mashibeats, we want to build support infrastructure for musicians, especially those curious about web3 and new tech, and build a sustainable economy around our social token $MASHI. I’ve always believed in community, mentorship and paying it forward. With my extensive experience in the music industry, and now in web3, it’s the perfect time to put that all into action helping the next generation step up and make moves. 

P: Wrapping up, Give me 5 songs/music videos, that you had no part in, that you would put your last dollar on.

Kendrick Lamar - The Heart Part 5

The King is back!! No further words needed.


Constantly pushing the envelope for progressive soul music, straight out of Melbourne, Australia.

Broken beat dancefloor pressure - when the dancers are in the spot, watch the cyphers throwdown when this gets dropped
acoustic, ambient, subtle waves of energy and subliminal ebbs n flows - this is an absolute thing of beauty
One of my favorite musicians, producers and beatmakers… this one gives me the feels every time. that post Dilla swag..