May 20, 2022

5 & 5: Black Dave

5 & 5: Black Dave
Phlote: Paint me the picture; give me context on why combining forces makes sense for each of you at this point?
Black Dave: We've always been combining forces, from the beginning of our working relationship. When we first started working together, I had him on a song of mine from my first mixtape, and since then I've been helping with choosing beats, creative and Doing for Matt. This is just another chapter in that story. 
P: Without diving too deep into the past, what are your most fond memories of the music industry (Rollouts, Product, Merch, Live Shows), and how does that dictate how you drop?
BD: Any rollout that comes with a short film is an automatic for me. Kanye has a couple. We Were Once A Fairytale is massively which is slept on. Drake had that one, Jungle. Kid Cudi and the Mr Rager video by S2A -- I know that was an ad for some leather jackets in the form of a music video but still one of my favorite videos. Clapping for the wrong reasons by Childish Gambino for Because the Internet is an all time favorite, too. I know in the 90s, albums had whole movies, but I really prefer the short film medium over full length film.
P: Koodos has a real community. Who are some highlights in your Discord, and what initiatives are you doing to organize these people?
BD: In the discord, there are a few homies from Charleston, where we're from in there. The homies Illadell and Meezy are in there and they've been chiming in. I'm super pumped to have Hanifah in there as well, on the web3 side. Her perspective on music comes from vast experience and she serious about it. I love that energy.
P: Both of you have seen several drops at this point. What are some obstacles that still arose even with this prior knowledge?
More than anything, I just think I haven't obtained the respect from collectors that I think I've earned at this point. I've done the onboarding, the community building, the innovation, the quality art...I think that's the missing link, is getting them to bet on me like I'm betting on myself. That sounds weird to say when you consider how far I've already come in web3, but it's still not quite there...
P: Wrapping up, Give me five songs/music videos that you had no part in, that you would put your last dollar on.
The music video for The Box by Roddy Rich, and that song, too.
Brand New Guys by A$AP Rocky feat. Schoolboy Q

PINK & BLUE by Jaden Smith. I know those are 4 song intros but...
Sing About Me, Dying of Thirst by Kendrick is gonna be an all-time classic when we decide we can pick those.